Our Service

We provide reliable, fully refrigerated trucks of varying sizes. The “Cool Frog Transport” fleet of refrigerated vehicles range in size from enclosed utes and vans through to 8, 12, and 14 pallet heavy rigid trucks and a 24 pallet semi-trailer. We transport daily to Melbourne and twice weekly to Sydney.

box Cool storage

We can hold your products overnight in refrigerated storage to be ready for next day delivery.

shield Safe and reliable

We are professional and efficient. We treat your products with the care they need.

truck Transporting

We transport all your products with care, efficiency and effective refrigeration.

mob In touch

Jason will answer your calls and emails at any time. “Cool Frog” will keep you informed with personal service.

We transport perishable goods, temperature-sensitive products, veterinary medicines and vaccines as well as smaller items which require refrigeration.

If it needs to stay cool use “Cool Frog”.